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J Kohler, St James Street, London

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Matthew Pace, 49 King Street, London

Kohler, London

George Astor, 79 Cornhill, London

C. Pace, London

Vanrynne, London




c. 1845



Twice coiled Trumpet in G [possibly 'handstopped'] historically associated with Drury Lane Theatre, London.

Slide Trumpet - highly decorated with early double clockspring mechanism. Identical in detail to the Woodham-Rodenbostel prototype of c.1789.

Short model slide-trumpet, often referred to as a "Regents Bugle" - almost certainly a later conversion with single return spring.

Slide Trumpet with double clockspring. Made in copper with German silver mounts.


“The finest trumpet I ever blew!”, Crispian Steele-Perkins

Slide Trumpet with compression spring [possibly a speciality of this maker]. Crispian owns three trumpets like this made by Pace.

Reproduction of c.1804 trumpet. Keyed Trumpet with 6 keys as used by Anton Wiedinger to play Haydn and Hummel's Trumpet Concertos.

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