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Charles Pace, 49 King Street, London

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C. Mahillon, Brussels

J.A. Kohler, London, No. 70

Besson & Co, 198 Euston Road, London

The Salvation Army, London

Boosey & Co, London

Two valved Trumpet in F made for The Band of the Royal Dockyards Volunteer Reserve [emergency Militia].


Cornet [Cornopean] with three disk valves [which revolve on flat metal plates], patented by W. Shaw of Glossop, Derbyshire.



“Echo” Cornet [a fourth valve diverts the airstream from the bell into a small acoustic chamber which instantly “mutes” the sound].

c. 1890

Trumpet in F. This was the instrument of choice of British symphonic trumpeters from about 1855 to 1915.

“Pocket” or “Preachers” Cornet. Compact in design for convenient porterage, this standard B flat Cornet led street-corner hymn-singing.


Trumpet in Bb and A, with false tubing to look like the standard orchestral trumpet in F.


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