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Charles Pace, 49 King Street, London

Two valved Trumpet in F made for The Band of the Royal Dockyards Volunteer Reserve [emergency Militia].


C. Mahillon, Brussels

Trumpet in F. This was the instrument of choice of British symphonic trumpeters from about 1855 to 1915.

c. 1890

J.A. Kohler, London, No. 70

Cornet [Cornopean] with three disk valves [which revolve on flat metal plates], patented by W. Shaw of Glossop, Derbyshire.


The Salvation Army, London

“Pocket” or “Preachers” Cornet. Compact in design for convenient porterage, this standard B flat Cornet led street-corner hymn-singing.


Besson & Co, 198 Euston Road, London

“Echo” Cornet [a fourth valve diverts the airstream from the bell into a small acoustic chamber which instantly “mutes” the sound].


Boosey & Co, London

Trumpet in Bb and A, with false tubing to look like the standard orchestral trumpet in F.


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